Needle Detection Mechanism Explained

So these are called needle detectors. If a needle is broken and the yarn is not releasing itself from the hook, the yarn will build up on the hook and force. It'll make a bump on the knitting and it will pop this up. Be a light that will come on. So you can locate which one, but there's also a little red, oh, a pin. Yeah. That just came out. And that will mean that in this immediate area to the right, because it's turning to the right, there's a damaged needle. And then you would slowly crank, bring it to the other side and change the needle. And then this only has to be put down again. That's freaking ingenious. Very simple. Mechanical process.

Error Handling for Broken Needles

See if that turns on. If there an error message there, then this light will go on and then there'll be an error. Here look, it should show. So I just cleared by hitting the red light, it will clear, you could fix this and it'll still show it. You have to hit the red button. Either the two red buttons, so came on. Yeah, and it's the needle. Needle or needle latch, too. Needle latch. If this one goes off, up here, one second. Let me just, then you should have yarn storage. There you go. Then if this one goes off, you're in storage. And even though I've repaired, this error message is still on. But you have to hit the red. You have to release it by hitting the red stop button.