Effortless Yarn Threading

You can just lay it over the top. Yeah, that's fine. It also, it's like this, so you can just go in, right? Yeah. The groove's going to fall in. It'll fall in. I usually fold it once and twist it a little bit, then go through this top.

Yarn Insertion Process

Fold it here and between the symbols, put it in the symbol and pull to here, to this side. Then it goes, you see? Yeah. You ready? Yeah. Just let it go. And now you go through the crack here. This has to go underneath. Now you have to wrap it around clockwise or counter clockwise.

Quick Yarn Threading Steps

Start by pushing back down. And now put it through the hole. You have to keep some pressure on that. So you've put it up? Hold that one and the other one. And there you go. So, I usually put them together and then wrap it like that. And then I put it, you can cut, or I just put my fingernail there. Okay. If I have a little bit of tail and then I'll just, that's the best way to do it. And then you can either lift up the belt a little bit just so the lights go off where you can hold the thing up and with the yellow button and jog it forward. And you'll see it starting to come apart because it's been known to come apart.