Types of Needles for Industrial Knitting Machines

So there's two different types of needles. There's one for the 84 needle machine and there's one for the hundred and 84 needle machine. The 84 needle machine, the dial needle will have a larger hook and both the cylinder and the dial needle will have a small notch just in the corner of the butt as opposed to the other one that is straight 90 degree angles. One goes in the cylinder and one goes in the dial. The dial is horizontal and the cylinder is vertical. The big one goes on the side and the small one goes on the top.

Common Causes of Needle Breakage

What normally breaks when there's a needle break? What breaks this? 
Well, there's different options. So the needle hook can open up. Okay. The needle latch can either break off or bend, or the butt can chip or break. And the most common would be anything, up here, which is usually caused by bad yarn, by being a pile up of broken yarn and a big knot goes through and then it opens it up.
It comes from both things. It could be bad quality yarn, a bad quality knot, or an accumulation of lint that was not cleaned out and then all of a sudden went through at the same time.

Routine Maintenance to Prevent Needle Breakage

So, I would suggest every morning and every new piece after you cut off a piece that's full on the roll. On bottom is take the air con, which is connected to the machine, and just lightly blow off like the holes and stuff, the cones of yarn on the top because there is lint as they come off. And then blow around the cylinder and dial, and then around the machine, just visually you'll start to see where yarn it starts to accumulate. It always goes to more or less the same places.