Screen Printing Shirts in Canada

At Colortex we use the process of screen printing in order to decorate your apparel or your clients garment. We are one of the rare local company with that much history and manufacturing power. This means that you can bring your brand alive with large quantity, while keeping the famous quality local clothes offer. Browse our collection if you want to order and make your custom clothing today!

What's The Screen Printing Process?

The process of screen printing accounts for the majority of the individual apparel pieces we produce in our printing shop in Ottawa. Before you can start seeing the actual design printed on apparel, there are multiple steps that need to happen before being ready to print the apparel. It's a process of using an aluminum screen with varying mesh counts, to support an image positive of the soon to be screen printed artwork.. The image positively forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink onto the materials. The ink is placed inside of that screen and mesh which is then pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A special squeegee, not your window cleaning ones, is manually or automatically moved across while applying pressure in order to push the ink into the mesh openings for transfer by capillary action during the squeegee stroke.

Screen Printing Ink Explained

Being that screen printing is an art form, no ink can be perfect for every fabric style and screen print designs. For that reason, we work with 3 different ink styles in order to create our screen prints. These are the 3 most common types of inks we work with but are constantly testing new things.


Plastisol screen printing ink is considered to be a solid in such that the ink does not dry and needs to be cured in order for it to dry. Due to this property, all of the ink stays on the fabric when laid on top of the fabric. This makes for a high opacity underbase screen print which allows you to print bright and bold colours when creating your clothing line.


Water-based inks are a type of ink that rely on solvents that evaporate to hold the pigments. The most common solvent is water. What this means is that the water base inks are not as thick as Plastisol ink. Due to the evaporation properties, the inks absorb into the fabric instead of laying on top of the fabric. Water based inks require a high level of knowledge and have its limitations with fabric compositions.


Discharge ink is most often combined with water based inks or used as an underbase for plastisol. This ink actually does not leave any colour on the garment, what it does is takes the dye out of the fabric. Discharge inks are really useful for dark coloured garments in order to remove the dye. The limitations of discharge inks is that it only works efficiently on 100% cotton and not with all dye colours.

T-shirt Printing In Canada: Our Products

Our T-shirt screen printing service accurately and vividly prints your graphics to cloth. Screens are used to ink garments. Each screen is customized for your design to produce crisp, accurate prints. Our specialists make long-lasting, high-quality prints with top-of-the-line equipment and inks. We collaborate with clients to copy their designs properly and flawlessly. With a variety of ink colours and T-shirt styles, you can create a unique and personalised product that stands out. Screen printing is ideal for designing company T-shirts or personalized gifts. We can even help you choose your fabrics!

We offer screen printing on other clothing products!

We offer screen printing on a variety of clothing items, including:

Screen printing shirts online for custom clothing

Our Canadian screen printing facility loves making unique personalized apparel. We print vibrant, accurate images on a variety of clothes using the newest screen printing technology. We can help you design custom T-shirts for your business or sports team. Our professionals work directly with clients to guarantee their ideas are flawlessly recreated and every detail is correct. We offer many garment styles and ink colours because each job is unique. Being a Canadian company, we're committed to excellent service and Canadian-made products. Our screen printing expertise can realize your concept for a lot of different fabrics.

Address: 5369 Canotek Rd #1, Gloucester, ON K1J 9J3

Phone: (613) 748-0770

Opening ours for service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a professional screen printing machine?

Our shop has skilled screen printers. To assure creating high-quality prints, we use cutting-edge equipment. Our top-of-the-line screen printing machines can print precise and colourful designs on a variety of clothes. We enjoy showing off our equipment to customers. Our equipment is displayed and explained on a page on our website. Visit this video to see our shop.

What is the difference between screen printing and Serigraphy?

Screen printing and serigraphy are commonly interchangeable, however they differ slightly. Both methods print, but the materials and outcome are different. Screen printing is utilized for clothing and advertising products, while serigraphy is employed for fine art. Serigraphy, a sophisticated technique of screen printing, focuses on limited-edition art prints. Serigraphy produces exquisite prints because the ink is placed more delicately and precisely than in screen printing. While the two procedures are similar, "serigraphy" is generally used to refer to a more artistic screen printing technique.

What is Silk Screen Printing?

Silk screen printing, also known as serigraphy, is an elaborate printing process used for millennia to create distinctive and eye-catching designs. This method uses stencils on porous fabric mesh stretched across a frame to transfer ink to the target surface. Silk was used as fabric mesh, hence "serigraph" comes from the Greek words "seicos" (silk) and "graphos" (writing). Modern screen printing uses polyester mesh, which is more durable and cost-effective for creating design on fabrics. Silk screen printing is perfect for bold, graphic, and long-lasting designs. Limited edition art prints, personalized t-shirts, and other promotional materials are appealing since each print is an individual work of art. Silk screen printing is a time-tested method for producing high-quality prints.

Since When are you screen printers?

Since 1994, we have been screen printing. With over 29 years of experience, we consider ourselves to be one of Ottawa's top screen printing businesses, providing our clients with the greatest screen printing goods. Look at our story here!

Can you make my Screen printing designs?

Yes! We have designers and we do the client's design very often!

What is screen printing vs digital printing ?

Printing method distinguishes screen printing from digital printing. Since each colour requires a print screen, screen printing is done one colour at a time. Multi-color designs may take longer and cost more. Digital printing creates a full 4-color process print in one pass, making it faster and cheaper for multi-color graphics. Another difference is detail. Digital printing can copy elaborate drawings and photos more accurately than screen printing. Our professionals can help you decide between screen printing and digital printing for your custom printing needs.

How do you do screen printing ?

See our entire procedure here!

Are your screen printing orders made by hand?

By the end of 2014, we upgraded to an automatic screen printing press, but every order still requires a team of professionals to satisfy our high standards. An experienced operator is needed to set up and supervise the automatic press to ensure accurate and colourful prints. Even with the automatic press, each garment must be loaded and inked by hand to ensure accuracy and consistency. We use an automatic press to speed up the procedure, however every screen printing order is made by hand by a team of talented and experienced experts.

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