A Custom Cap Made in Canada

For today's product spotlight, we have the classic, camper-style hat, 100% made in Canada, with one of our partners. This is perfect for all you tree huggers out there, those nice brands, you like the outdoors, it's perfect for you. This one's actually made out of this Aztec color, and it's in a brush cotton, and it's a heavier weight. It's about eight ounces, so it's got that nice, rugged feeling, you know it can take that outdoors element for you.

Can I Customize my Cap ?

Customization possibilities are endless. This one, we've just got a class metal clip, but we can go to that nice leather, and also, woven labels inside for you, to take your brand to the next level.

Visit Our Custom Clothing Shop!

If ever you're in the Ottawa area, and you're looking for that nice, camper-style hat for your brand, please do feel free to come by, and I'd love to chat about your brand.

- Nikk