Hey there folks, Nick here from Colortex, your custom clothing shop in Ottawa, and for today's product spotlight, we have the classic: the snapback, a hat made in Canada!

What is our Snapback model?

This is actually the Richardson RC 112, actually one of my favorite hats. I recommend it to pretty much everyone because I wear it on the daily. So I'm a little biased, I'm not going to lie. But it's got a traditional mesh backing, super solid and clean snap back at the back, fabric on this one here is black, available in multiple colors, 60-40 blend on the hat. And just to show you how this hat is awesome, this fits super nice, always a perfect fit on my head anyways.

Who needs a custom snapback?

So, this is a great hat for pretty much anyone. Outdoor brands, retail brands, skate shops, surf shops, you name it, it's good for pretty much everyone, in my honest opinion. So, if ever you're in the Ottawa area and you're looking for a nice classic snack back for your brand, please do feel free to pop in. I'd be happy to chat and see how we can help you make your projects come to light.