An Outstanding T-Shirt

For today's product spotlight, we have AS Colour's Staple Tee. This tee is one of my favorite teas. I'm actually wearing it right now. It's got some nice key features, like being available in a variety of colors and it's a midway fabric from AS Colour. Taping in the back of the collar shows that it's a premium product. It's got the taping on the shoulders to show that it's all also a premium product. It's got some nice cover stitches on the sleeve. Same thing at the bottom. So, it's a nice piece for pretty much any brand or private label to do screen printing or embroidery. Being that it's available in so many colors, it's a midway. It's super versatile.

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If ever you're in Ottawa and you're looking for a quality provider of these types of blanks and decorators, please do feel free to reach out. And I'd love to chat about your product, and see how we can make this thing come through to life.