Tips On How To Hoop Toques

Hey there folks, Nick here from Colortex and for today's how to video we'll see how we're going to hoop some toques.

Tools to hoop toques

So for toques, we actually use our homemade jig. We've got laser engravers who actually cut out two pieces of acrylic, slightly shaped like the hoops in order for us to use it mostly for toques and left chest and some sleeves and stuff. But for this purpose, it's actually going to be used for toques.

Steps to hoop you custom toque

Screw it into our table. So first things first, we've got a cuffed beanie. So we got to remember that we got to flip it inside out. If not, you'll have some problems with logo placement. So flip it inside out, make sure that it's all nice and flat. Put it to the side for now. And then we grab a bottom hoop and then we make sure that the screw for tensioning the top and bottom hoop is nicely placed. The nice fabric here should be fine right here. So we take that, place it in here.

We actually also have some two-way tape here in order for the cutaway backing to actually stay nicely on there. So this is nice cutaway backing that we actually procure from our good friend, Alnoor from TWIGA industries out in Toronto. So once we have that, we place it nicely on our jig. Level bit of pressure on the two-way tape.

Then we grab our toque from the two edges, slide it in there, and then we kind of look in here and make sure that we're all nice and straight. We grab our top hoop and I always use the nice guidelines in here. That's just how I like to place it, because I know that it's going to be pretty much centered on a standard-size logo inside of our machine. So we grab that, place it over top. And then we try to align everything, the top and bottom hoop.

Then what I like to do is kind of just get the front edge nice lined up in there. And then once I'm in there, I put my hands over top, apply pressure on the front, apply pressure at the back, take it out of there. And then as we can see, we're actually ready to put the hoop in the embroidery machine.

Come see us !

So if ever you want to geek out on some embroidery stuff, or not, please do feel free to reach out. I'd love to chat.