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How to Thread Your Embroidery Machine?

How to Thread Your Embroidery Machine?

Hey there, folks. Nick here from Colortex, and today we're going to talk to you about how we thread the ZSK embroidery machine.

So in order to thread the machine, we're going to work on our ZSK machine, this one here is actually our eight-head. They all thread the same way, but for this video, we're using our eight-head.

Step 1

So what you're going to have to grab, obviously, is your thread. This one here is a midair thread that we get from Twiga Industries. Grab the thread, put it on the back peg, put it in my mouth to get the thread nicely in there. Then we grab the thread, place it in the first eyelet hole here. Then we grab the thread and the eyelet underneath, and it comes up to the top. We put it in the first hole here, clockwise half-circle, make sure that there's not too much. And then I like to take the tube completely out.

Step 2

Multiple ways of actually putting the thread in there to make your custom embroidery. Put the thread in here, and I find that there's not too many you can... Glide it in. Sometimes it doesn't glide all the way in and it stops somewhere. It's not the most hygienic way, but I find that just giving a little... Thread comes out right there in your mouth. So if you're the only operator on there, I think this is the best way. Snap it back on top. Snap it back on the bottom. Then, we went clockwise here, but we're going counter here. Half circle again, go back in this little hole. I use my finger, glide it in there. Grab it.

Step 3

Then, on the thread tension wheel here, sensor, loop it around, one complete circle through the left this little pin. Go all the way down here, loop it around, down again. Clockwise. This is a full circle and half of another one into the little red catcher here. Back down into this, same as up there. Full circle so that it's in center. Thread back, get into the eyelet here, grab it downwards into this bottom eyelet here, back up into the thread catcher. Back down into another eyelet all the way down to the other eyelet.

And then, now we're in the last final stages. Right in this little hole here, loop it in. And then, to finish it all off... You see that's got a bit of frame. That's not going to go in the needle. So get a little fresh cut from the front to the back, inside of the needle hole, lift it up and then put it in here. Snip the excess, and then we're done.

So this is how it's done. I hope this was useful. I used to forget how to do it when I changed from one brand to another. So on the ZSK, it's this way. On other machines, it's different. If you want to geek out on this stuff, please do feel free to reach out or come and visit our screen printing shop in Ottawa. I love to talk about this stuff. Thank you for watching.