How we hoop hats?

Hey there, folks. Nick here, from Colortex. And for today's how-to video, we are going to talk about how we hoop hats to personalized them for you.

Step 1: Bring up your hat jig!

So first things first, we need the hat jig that's going to be going back onto the cap attachment. We move over here, place it nicely in there, make sure that the three prongs have clipped, open up the attachment, grab the hat, remove the piece that keeps it nice and clean in transport, open the back. And if it's a snap back, you open it up, you lift this thing up, put your tear away backing in here, open up the hat. I hold it like this. Place it on here, make sure that lip is nice and tight under this here. Open the hat, place it, place the other side, lift the attachment that holds it down. Make sure to guide it into that crease that holds the pallet in the hat, and hold and tug on the right side.

Step 2: Line up the jig!

Line up everything, line up the jig, clamp it up. Lift, place the pallet under here, open this up, and then three point of contact to take this out. And then, now it's all nice and ready for you to apply in the machine. 

If ever you want to geek out on some embroidery stuff, please do feel free to reach out. I'd love to talk embroidery. Passionate about this stuff.