Learn about the new McCabe partnership

McCabe's been around since 1981. At the core, we're a promotional product distributor. I'd like to think we're more than that, and that's why actually we work with Colortex. We believe in creativity, we believe in giving back, we believe that we can make an impact. We believe we can use business as a force for good. And I know that Colortex and a lot of what they do is aligned with our values. And so here we are today working very closely with Nikk, and Luke, and team at Colortex, because we're very aligned at the highest level in terms of our corporate values.

I think it's fair to say that Colortex is our resource when it comes to decoration. We understand the quality, we understand the efficiencies that are provided, and we also understand the value that we're given. And so in terms of the actual scope itself, it ranges from embroidery all the way through to laser engraving, all the way through to all sorts of decoration methods. And so we know that, again, if we have a unique decoration problem, Colortex probably has a unique solution.

I would suggest our relationship since has been very much family like. Nick, the whole team really take us in with open arms, and they're prepared to help us. Here we are today continuing to grow, continuing to help each other, and I think that's really something that's important to us. We wanted to work with a like-minded company, and we found that in Luke, Nikk, Colortex, and the values that they put forward.

We're very good at presenting Colortex with problems, but they're just as good at presenting us with solutions, and so they've allowed us to be able to say yes to a lot more projects, yes to a lot more clients, and in turn have allowed us to secure a lot of relationships with some very good core clients, prospects, whatever we want to name it. And here we are today with a much healthier client base because of it.

My name's Maxx. I'm a business development manager here at McCabe, and we're a proud member of the Colortex family.